1. Mmm… thanks! ?

  2. These two recipes are extremely easy, but delicious!?

  3. I made this dish for dinner. My fam loved it and I loved how easy n quick
    it was to make. Thanks?

  4. please do more recipes!!!?

  5. Just made this, But I added some spinach to it and it was sooooo GOOD!?

  6. Great job?

  7. Qick n easy..im trying this tonight?

  8. Great ideas!?

  9. Looks good do u have a pinterest?

  10. I am definitely trying this!?

  11. Got me sitting here hungry at 1 o’clock in the morning smh.?

  12. Great job as usual, this video looks SOO professional!?

  13. looks delicious!?

  14. Lord have mercy im gonna try this! Thanx for the vid:)))?

  15. I am going to try this, it looks really delicious! ?

  16. This video is excellent. Looks delicious! ?

  17. girl, I wish I saw this video before I bought the box of red lobster
    cheddar bay biscuits from walmart….. looks good. I will be making these
    as soon as I use my box….?

  18. yum!!!!! more cooking videos plz!!!!!!?

  19. You can purchase red lobster cheddar biscuit mix at Walmart for $2.25. They
    are delicious!!!!?

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