1. This is really good, very helpful!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :D?

  2. superb!!!?

  3. Josephine, Thank you so much for sharing your culture’s & all your
    wonderful recipes. I love your cooking channel, please make more cooking
    video in English. Thank you, thank you, a million THANKS!!!!?

  4. Josephine , nice~ thank you?

  5. Hi Josephine thanks so much for sharing your receipe, I would like to add
    coconut milk to this receipe, how much do I need to add to it? ?

  6. love to see your video tks Q for sharing?

  7. Thanks, I made this with 55 degree celcius sugar water, it didn’t turn out
    like a dough from first time I made it. Does that mean I have to put 80
    degree celcius sugar water so it will taste better??

  8. Josephine, i want post my ?? share to u, how to post it? thank you your
    video, i have successful follow your recipe step by step.appreciated and
    you are my idol~?

  9. Hi Josephine,
    I really like your cooking! Do you know how to make salty fish Asian style?
    My husband is Caucasian, but he really like chicken and salty fish fired
    rice. And we would like to make our our salty fish for this recipe. Pls
    help us! ?

  10. English Version (Click Here) How to Make Chinese New Year Cake ?? Sticky
    Rice Cake?

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