1. @unsheepled lol, i haven’t done that in a while, i’ll have to try it again and see if i still love it.

    you’ll have to try it and see, but in the winter it is nice (if you live in a cold climate) since it has a warming effect, also it is good if you ever have an upset stomach, which i used to get while running. Now i run on an empty stomach and don’t have any problems.

  2. @adamc404
    Thank you! I put the Ginger in and it has helped me ‘warm up’ , as well as my 15 year old dog who is always when its below 85F.
    inger I learned also Increases circulation and aids digestion.
    I am happy to add some every day
    Yes my pets do smoothies too :)

  3. BRAVO… BRAVO…. That was so wonderful and EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for as I move forward to becoming more health conscience! Thank you so much for taking time to put this piece together. You are appreciated!!

  4. @unsheepled what do you put in the pet smoothies? i have some geriatric old rescued pitbulls and my oldest is almost 15.

  5. @isaachaze1
    Nori sheets( for the natural iodine, dogs LOVE it), Kelp powder, coconut oil, avocado both have high content of essential fatty acids. , or Dream Coat a mixture of oils ,
    parsley for vitaminc c, asparagus which helps the kidneys, pumpin seeds,
    which is deadly to parasites.
    walnut , or brazil nut or raw almonds
    walnut is a anti parasitic as well as has a high amount of iodine,
    the last two are anticancer nuts- continued-

  6. @isaachaze1
    pt 2
    I add apples, bananas, oranges, blueberries, carrots, curly kale (not as bitter as the other)
    spinach, romaine lettuce, swiss chard. whole grain oats ,I also add safflower (herb) as my 15 year old dog has problems digesting, lack of hydrocloric acid , and I also add bit honey sometimes, and KEFIR
    ( unflavored)
    find a formula that works, intro a teaspoon then increase slow if they are finicky
    I Luv all types dogs – all mine rescues 2

  7. @unsheepled great, thanks! i’m assuming the pumpkin seeds are raw. i didnt know about the parasites, so that’s great. i can put this over their regular food. might add some chicken broth or something though

  8. @isaachaze1
    yes, raw pumkin seeds SHRED the outter layer of internal parasites .
    I give it for two weeks 3-4 times a year, the walnut is almost daily, in form of
    a tincture (black walnut hull) or the actual nut.

  9. @unsheepled ok, i found bob’s red mill raw pumpkin seeds at amazon and also the nori sheets there (never heard of it before your post).

  10. @isaachaze1
    I only found about nori sheets from the ipod app called ‘green smoothies’.
    lots of recipes and nutrient info :)

  11. @unsheepled i didnt know there was an ipod app for that lol. amazon has the nori sheets too. i’m trying to do green smoothies for lunch everyday. i haven’t started making them for my clowns (dogs) yet

  12. @unsheepled that all sounds like good stuff. do you put glucosimine(sp) in your stuff? i actually have 3 rescued pitbulls, a rescued maltese and a rescued mix of some kind that literally showed up at my doorstep. didnt plan on having 5 dogs. they all needed a home though :)

  13. @isaachaze1
    I had 5 at one point, but can no longer afford… All of mine leave via old age, I fostered for awhile, but found that too painful to give them up.
    I do not give glucosamine, I use DGP (dog gone pain) an extraordinary supplement from Australia, I buy it bulk on Ebay once a year for myself and some friends, I only have one oldie right now and he is tiny.DGP works WONDERS within a week, the herbals in it probably more so.

  14. @isaachaze1
    What I do add for their joints and cartilage( which requires ‘silica” in natural form) is an herbal called horsetail -Equisetum arvense – botanical name, some organic bonemeal, and raw marrow bones 2 times a week and something to keep the old one ‘ regular’ . I met an herbalist ( my teacher now), and she related that old bodies sometimes ‘forget to go’ it all backs up toxic ! I’d lost 2 dogs to not eating, vets could not fix

  15. @unsheepled i didnt want 5, believe me. they have dgp at amazon for about $21 for 60 tablets. i can check ebay too. all the reviews are good.

  16. @blinkme478 Haaaaaaaaaa! I can relate to that convo.

  17. Hi, :D Does anyone know what Kind of knife was used in smoothie 15? Were looking for a knife that cuts Coconuts easily? THanks. :)

  18. 0:56 is that a leaf on the left, or a fan? j/k I’m dumb and ignorant when it comes to this stuff (“green” smoothies, and the like). ‘So any tutorials on how to make this stuff?

  19. how can i get one of those blenders?!

  20. Wenn sie den Zeitraffer noch schneller gemacht hätten, hätten sie das auch in einer Minute geschafft. Insofern ziemlich lame.

  21. FANTASTIC! Not only are you (Sirgei and Briana) inspiring us to eat better, but you both have a wonderful sense of humor! :))))

  22. @Rico1ness i believe it is a vitamix blender

  23. made my 1st green smoothie today yummy!!!!

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