A Few Facts About a Vegetarian Life

Article by B. Jon Johnson

Everyone has their own reason, when thinking about a vegetarian life. For most of us, it’s an attempt to fulfill a promise to eat healthier. And in the last decade or so there has been a noticeable push towards a healthier diet. That we should eat more fruits and vegetables, but for most of us potato chips do not count as a vegetable serving. The fact is that we should consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

Now as you make the move towards a vegetarian lifestyle, make sure that you do your homework. Because as you start to refraining from foods made from animal products, you may want to know which vegetarian foods (I.e. fruits, nuts, legumes, vegetables and whole grains) will replace lost nutritional items like protein that you get from eating meat.

Numerous benefits can be gained by becoming a vegetarian, like: weight loss, more energy and living healthier etc.

So let’s explore some of these common benefits:

The Big One: Weight Loss

Statistics reveal a dangerously overweight U.S. population. That 3.8 million people are over 300 pounds, over 400,000 people (mostly males) carry over 400 pounds and the average adult female weighs an unprecedented 163 pounds! (According to the IHRSA/ASD Obesity/Weight Control Report)

And WASHINGTON (Reuters) states that Americans are getting heavier than ever, with more than 26 percent of the population now fully obese, (which was reported by the U.S. government).

So, my question to you is have you ever seen an overweight vegetarian? One that truly pays attention to their diet! Just because you are giving up meat doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to eat poorly. There are a lot of junk food products like potato chips, snack cakes and other desserts that don’t include animal products.

A Healthier You

By becoming a vegetarian and eating more fruits and vegetables you may avoid some of the unwanted toxins and hormones that come from eating meat products. You may greatly improve your immune system by eating more greens and help your digestive system by consuming more fiber. Along with a good exercise program you may avoid things like; high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes etc. Then there is the benefit of looking and feeling better, provided you stick with your new vegetarian style of eating.

More Energy

Common sense tells us that living a healthier lifestyle will give us more energy. By living a vegetarian life, we could pretty much assure higher levels of energy compared to someone who has a poor diet. When your meals consist of more fruits and vegetables, your blood sugar is more stable. And eating more berries especially blue, purple and red ones (which have powerful antioxidants) boost energy.

Some other suggestions for more energy are having snacks around like:

* Mixed nuts

* Nonfat yogurt

* Apple and peanut butter

* A frozen berry smoothie

* Trail mix

* Granola bars

Remember; don’t just rush into becoming a vegetarian. It’s easier if you gradually stop eating meat. Start off by making one or two vegetarian meals a week. Then slowly increase these meals, until you have finally stopped eating red meat altogether.

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It’s also a good idea to find some easy vegetarian recipes. Having some easy vegetarian recipes on hand will make the transition more effortless.

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