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  1. It looks great!

  2. That artichoke plant looked healthy, yum. Question, is it possible to make pesto from cilantro?

    Your Fanduzi,

  3. Good question, Aduzi. I know cilantro has its own distinct flavor. I’ll get in touch with Michele and ask for her input. Has anyone else tried making pesto with cilantro?

  4. It is! I hope you have a chance to make some. =)

  5. thanks, sony2hd!

  6. I think you could make your own pesto with almost any herb as the major “flavor” think of the basic pesto “olive oil basil garlic oregano cheese”, with cilantro reminds me of a old episode of J.Childs when she did French Pizza!-its the only one that I can never forget :) thats right it still haunts my cobweb filled head-as you can tell “I don’t like cilantro”—-really enjoyed this presentation on artichoke pesto **** :)

  7. AWESOME!!

  8. Nice – it makes me want have some artichokes for dinner — And it makes me wish I could grow them in my garden.

  9. what a lovely woman – very good to listen to and clear, fluent teaching technique. Thankyou x

  10. After a bad first time experience with artichokes a while back (which just may have been due to excessive salting of canned ones, like she warned about in the video) I haven’t really dared to used them, but now I feel like giving it another try. The pesto sounds delicious. Wonderful lady too, entertaining and full of great tips. Would love to see her putting the stock-bag to use, been wanting to learn how to make stock for a while now. Anyway, great video!

  11. just awesome!

    the only thing i will do different is soak the walnuts instead of cooking (cooking them changes the composition of the oil in the nuts and some people say that roasted nuts cause crazy in your body cells.)

  12. I like her bossom

  13. Nice work, we liked your video very much so we embedded it on ChefCommons . com w/ link back and reference to Youtube. (Let us know if you don’t wish for it to be featured)

  14. Good video! Its wonderful to see a personable, knowledgeable person do a video that helps to inform. I’m a big ‘choke fan, but I love to add some of the leaves minus thorns to the mix for texture(after steaming). In response to cilantro pesto… cilantro has a distinct “soapy” flavor and texture when in abundance. It is a fantastic addition to salsa, but on its own I don’t think it stands as a pesto. to add it in to a hot/southwestern/mexican themed pesto…go nuts! :)

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