1. beautiful apartment, that must be really expensive. I have never seen dan
    dan made with beef, or without an egg those small peppers were not “facing
    heaven”. Facing heaven are short and stubby, not thin

  2. it’d be helpful if you described the ingredients more, even hold the
    product up to the camera. i’m hoping to make this recipe!

  3. I was on my way to Chengdu when this video was posted! Oh how time flies!

  4. aren’t you from Taiwan?

  5. Wonderful project! Hope to see Cha Xiu Bao in upcoming webispodes too :-)

  6. They’re called pointing to the sky peppers because they grow upwards! The
    peppers grow pointing towards the sky, which is how they get their name!

  7. Half of the time I cant make out what you are saying ..

  8. I like it as a soup, as I had it in a small Hong Kong restaurant; would I
    just add some broth? You’re in Hong Kong, right? We have friends that work
    in the Gold building, which I think your balcony is over the same plaza,
    right? Thank you for showing us all how to make Dan Dan Mien.

  9. Good video, very informative.

  10. what a gorgeous girl!

  11. great video, hard to hear though

  12. is that a kai shun knife @ 2:46 ?

  13. u can also call it Szechuan pepper (sorry if i got the spelling incorrect)

  14. yeah, i have never seen that either. Isn’t it supposed to be ground pork?
    Meh. Whatever, ground pork is easier to find here anyway.

  15. Send some to Brazil!!!

  16. I’m sure is a good recipe but is too bad the background noise is so
    annoying…! Hope next time you take a little more care …!

  17. need a better mic to cut down on wind noise. looking forward to see the 2nd

  18. wow, it looks so delicious~ wanna try it myself at home too!! keep it up~
    can’t wait for the next episode~~ :)

  19. she is gorgeous ^.^ a thx

  20. she is so hot… wow.

  21. hey did you notice the peppers were burned… good recipe though!

  22. Too much wind noise. Can’t hear the directions.?

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