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Authentic Chinese Recipes: Episode 3 Hong Kong style milk tea

Latest episode from Wok With Nana. Watch our pretty chef gives a spin to Hong Kong style milk tea at a very authentic, traditional chachannteng (Hong Kong st…

  1. nana, i love your earrings! Where did u get them from?

  2. @pingchu2001 Thanks so much for your encouragement Ping! Yes I love my
    earrings too, in fact you’re the only male friend to have noticed, I’m so

  3. omg can’t believe that you are an alumni of spss!!!!you are practically my
    ??!!! :)

  4. I am sad to say the chachannteng featured in here, Sun Cheung Hing, is
    forced to close due to outrageous rent hike by the landlord as of
    31.10.2010. We wish the Chungs and staff all the best and hopefully, we can
    see them again in a new place real soon.

  5. Hi Nana, i’m going to HK and was wondering where i can get a milk tea from
    a master like this? thanks

  6. @fgah Based on what logic?

  7. @wokwithnana HK will soon fade away from significance in a decade.

  8. Sad to learn this. Hope they enjoy the DVD and kept a good memory of this
    excellent place!

  9. Love this video. This video isn’t good to watch when you have the travel
    bug, and no funds to medicate this bug. Thank you for showing the secrets
    of making HK milk tea. I’ve never had it, love the thick tea cups they are
    served in.

  10. Yenli, I actually got them from this girl called Pearl from Singapore, her
    brand’s called Maya and Ruhi and you can get them from the Etsy website. I
    think her stuff are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. @wokwithnana oh sad…he looks like such a sweet man. I hate what the
    economy is doing to people all over the world.

  12. I see they also make tea with milk in Malaysia and Singapore as you do in
    HK, but never in UK. Wonder why not though?

  13. @wokwithnana That’s really sad to hear. :( Thank you for your video! :)

  14. Nana, u made a very good show for Sun Cheung Hing~ Thanks for giving us
    such a good memory :)

  15. Nana, great job. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we just do it. I
    know this tea place and I actually saw my friend’s flat in the film. Happy
    Valley is one of my favorite places in Hong Kong too. I also ordered milk
    tea to go from this tea master a couple of times. This milk tea is
    definitely uniquely Hong Kong. Cannot take my eyes off your turquoise blue
    ear ring though. You look smashing as usual. See you in Dulan soon. Ping

  16. Love this episode! Great stuff Nana!

  17. You and your singapore friend are so cute ;)

  18. condensed milk is for what?

  19. I should watch this Episode before I went to Hong Kong and I am Hong Kong
    style Milk Tea lover and I was in Happy Valley while I was in H.K. and
    didn’t realize there is H.K. Style Cafe right across the road from St. Paul
    Secondary! :)

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