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Authentic Chinese Recipes: Episode 6 (Part II) Tea-smoked Eggs

One of the many ways to infuse Chinese tea into our daily cookings, as our chef was inspired after a visit to her friend Vivian’s Mingcha, is to use it to ba…

  1. Wow, that looks good! I saw you’re video because I was searching for Maldon
    sea salt. lol But yeah, like what everyone said, the music is a bit too
    loud. Great quality video though!

  2. hello!!miss nana im a cook from venezuela. i love the chinese food and i
    want to know how to prepare the steam bums pork fill( bao zim or some thing
    like that). i taste it one time in the past but i dont know the recipe, can
    you help me with that??please¡¡ ill be so grateful!! in the video of san
    the cooking guy he show one of them!! thank you so much!!(sorry for mi bad
    inglish) bless to you miss nana.

  3. I watched this with headphones and could barely hear you in my left ear,
    whilst the music in my right ear pretty much drowned out everything else.
    Certainly don’t use music with lots of vocals when you’re trying to talk.
    Was very distracting and difficult to follow. After all that I *think* I
    liked the recipe. Looks delicious!

  4. you have a nice thing about yourself. like a pro. are you a pro? why only
    likes? well keep it up!

  5. It looks so yummy!! And the eggs were perfectly cooked!! wanna try it out
    myself~ 3.5 minutes right?! (btw, I couldn’t see what you were doing
    sometimes…. Can your face and hands being seen at the same time?)

  6. your egg yolks are not runny

  7. Nice video! I’m gonna try doing it at home now! :D thanks for sharing and
    by turned way, you’re gorgeous. :)

  8. Your presentation is good, but the background music is too loud and to fast
    for such a presentation. All by all, it sucks!

  9. You’re beautiful! <3

  10. Can’t hear what she is saying the music covers the instructions.?

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