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Authentic Thai iced tea recipe (cha yen ??????) – street food style

You’re going to love this authentic Thai iced tea recipe (cha yen ??????), it’s easy to make and always refreshing. Get the full recipe here:…
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  1. I hope the troubles out there aren’t causing you too many problems my
    friend….. Sorry but that cup of tea doesn’t seem like my cup of tea.. A
    little sweet for me..

  2. Mmm…sock tea. Just kidding–thanks for the recipe!?

  3. I love Thai tea it’s freakin delicious ?

  4. Did recipe step by step-and the funny thing is the colour doesn’t turn
    orange- like! That disappoints me in some way which is sort of strange caus
    food colouring scares me in general-55555. Greeting from Germany.?

  5. Thai tea is refreshing on a hot day, but I could never finish my glass
    because it was always so sweet.?

  6. Omg. Yum!?

  7. Delicious and perfect for the summer!! After today we love Thai iced tea.
    Greetings Mark!!?

  8. That ladle is waaaay cool and that last step, even more awesome.?

  9. Yum!! I’m totally going to try this recipe – I love Thai iced tea!!?

  10. It truly refreshing drinks. :)?

  11. Hey where can i buy this thai black tea in Bangkok?

  12. Ugh I think i’m allergic to yellow #6 = Whatever I’m not deathly allergic
    so I’ll try it anyway. XD ?

  13. mark since you live in thailand, what is your opinion on the coup?

  14. Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee? Am I not remembering my youth correctly?
    In the states there is only tea, and they normally use half and half. Was
    coconut milk never used in either??

  15. Hi Mark :D
    Um..i got a question..
    could you make iced tea with any other tea bag? like masala tea bag from

  16. LET’S DO THIS?

  17. that’s not a teaspooooonnn lol. those cha yen even in 7/11 is so tasty?

  18. In Malaysia we call this “teh tarik” :)?

  19. I saw at the street stals, they put some white powder to the cup, then tea
    and then condensed sweet milk. Do you know what is that powder? Because as
    Im watching to your video, its not necessary.. but street cha yen is soooo

  20. i want to make this just to do that last thing :D looks fun.?

  21. Looks really good I’ll have to try this.This is my first time
    commenting.I’m new to your channel.Love your videos.Can you tell me where I
    can find your intro song?I love it,it is so cool.Thanks.?

  22. When I was in Thailand, my Thai girlfriend and I could not get the same
    taste as those on the street for the life of us. Can you please tell me
    how much water to use and how much tea to use. To say a heaping spoonful
    is vague. Can you be more specific? Thanks?

  23. I’m from Ubonratchathani some place they put a bit of Coffeemate in it too
    and use the blender instead of stirring. I tried it at home and it was

  24. That looked great! I remember having a few cups myself over by MBK!?

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