Recipe: The rolling may take some practice, but of all my healthy vegan recipes, this avocado sushi recipe is my favorite for taking to a pot luck. It travels very easily, and people who have never made it before are impressed. Sea vegetables are an incredibly rich source of minerals, and nori sheets made into sushi are a yummy way to eat this highly nutritious food. Experiment with different fillings, make a variety and have fun sharing them with friends and family!

  1. Thank you for all the sushi tips! I like the idea of trying brown rice to make it even healthier :) I made them with my bf once and we made them too big but it was fun and we want to try it again. I also love the tips about cutting them and waiting a bit before cutting!

  2. another great video. BTW, julienne carrot is good for sushi as well.

  3. I’m glad the tips helped! I always used to try to stuff too many veggies in there cause I love them… now I just have a salad on the side to get more in my dinner! If you use short grain brown rice, it turns out quite sticky. Have fun, and let me know how it goes!! Check out the other video I posted above for some other filling ideas.

  4. Enjoyed your video, but you didn’t say if you’re supposed to pre-wet the nori before rolling. Does it need this step?

  5. @ShebaCasper No – you don’t need to wet the nori. I have never heard of this, but it would make the nori soggy and that doesn’t seem too appetizing… the rice will moisten the nori just enough for rolling, and that’s all you need! Let me know how it turns out!

  6. How important is the rice wine? Can I just cook it a little longer to get it sticky?

    By the way, I love how you say ‘sprouts’

  7. @tommyk77 It would actually be rice vinegar – if I said rice wine, that was just a mental lapse… I use apple cider vinegar, but you’re absolutely right. If you cook your rice with a bit of extra water (say 1/4 cup for every cup of rice) it will be stickier and just fine for making sushi! The vinegar is also for flavor.

    I’m going to have to go watch this again to listen to myself say sprouts now…

  8. @healthyvegan

    Ah, I think that is what you said! I was just hearing it wrong. The sushi I made turned out amazingly. Thanks for the video.

    I’m British so I probably say a lot of words in a funny way compared to your (Canadian?) accent!

  9. @tommyk77 awesome, sushi is one of my favorites! I like to make it as a snack.

    yes, indeed, I’m Canadian – I’ve been using american spelling for the site, but I’m sure my accent gives me away every time. I spent some time in Brazil once, and the son of the family I stayed with loved it when I said ‘out & about’

  10. i love your recipes. do you work as a chef?

  11. @CelestiaAmare Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy them! I do not work as a chef, and have taken cooking courses, but learn mostly by just experimenting in the kitchen. I like to keep things simple, and hopefully inspire people to make things for themselves. Not necessarily gourmet, just healthy and delicious!

  12. where is he fish???

  13. @crystalbubblegum fish free!! give it a try, it’s great – thanks for watching! :)

  14. This looks so yummy! I used to be kinda anxious about rolling sushi, but u made it look easy, so I’m gonna try it now! Thanx! :)

  15. @novaface Hope it goes well for you!! It does take a bit of practice, but keep trying and you’ll get it! :)

  16. @UndercoverCracker hahha… agreed

  17. Thanks for the info. My first avocado roll was kind of a mess so I knew I needed help.

  18. @geoffreyofedwards haha… mine was too, don’t worry ;)

  19. id eat her sushi any day

  20. hey, great recipe! what’s your advice on cleaning the mat though?? I’ve heard some say you should put saran wrap down first or just clean it with warm water.. what about dish detergent? – thanks, Robin

  21. @robbiel03 I just wash mine with the dishes, and then let it dry.

  22. @healthyvegan Thanks! My husband and I really liked the sushi! it’s really cost efficient — and a healthy way to satisfy our craving for sushi! We also had the pesto potato salad which was awesome. :-)

  23. Thank you! I was rather anxious since this was my first time making sushi but having watched the video i relaxed and ended up with some super yum and not too bad looking sushi!

  24. @SuperLittlebirdie good job :)

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