Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake

This is an amazing baked cheese cake which stay soft and creamy with the added flavour of the Bailey’s Irish Cream! You must try this.



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Excellent cheese cake recipe from Michael.

  1. Was wondering if maybe Irish Cream coffee creamer could be subbed for

  2. Beth sent me, and I’m glad she did because I found another channel to love!

  3. The cracks… are PERFECT for drizzling a little baileys into after
    baking.. just sayin.. :)

  4. The mixers are on sale right now!

  5. Beth sent me. Looks sooooo yummy!

  6. Yes! It counts, and you count too!

  7. ALOHA MICHAEL…BETH SENT ME…but…your vid isn’t playing…btw…LOVE
    your vids…i’ve watched many!!! :)

  8. beth sent me to another great channel. period.

  9. Thank you for trying the recipe!

  10. Wow, that looks yummy! I’m wondering though – can you use homemade yogurt
    (drained so that it’s a thick Greek Yogurt?) seems that you know your
    cheeses. Thanks for all your great recipes.

  11. It’s playing fine now. Is this a new channel?

  12. Thanks! I hope!

  13. Wow! That was a fast reply. Tx and regards from Indonesia :)

  14. I am going to make this weekend and freeze for Christmas. I made my
    homemade Baileys yesterday and wife tasted it and thought it was fantastic.?

  15. Wow looks delicious! What type of baking tin are you using??

  16. Just wondering… what did you keep the 3/4 cup of crushed cookies aside
    for? You didn’t use it in the video??

  17. Michael, I have made this Bailey’s cheesecake now 6 or 7 times (lost count)
    and every time it is still amazing how good it is! Guess what we are having
    for Christmas desert by popular demand??? Thanks for sharing, keep up your
    amazing work and Happy Holidays!?

  18. This looks delicious!!! I know you said no substitutions but there is a
    coffee creamer called BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM… it’s the same tasty flavor
    but with no liquor. I wonder could that work.?

  19. Oh my Goat! I’m just going to have to do this. I love Baileys. Looks
    simply decadent!?

  20. Made a N.Y. style cheesecake, once; can’t wait to try your recipe!?

  21. haha, i know you said there is no substitution for the bailey’s, but lets
    say i HAD to leave it out, should i just add more heavy cream instead? :D?

  22. +freitasex What size springform pan did you use? This dessert is a must
    fix, simply looks to die for, love the ingredients! Thank you for sharing,
    liked and subscribed! Looks sinfully good!!?

  23. Looks gorgeous, must try this! :)?

  24. You have great recipes on your channel I just had to subscribe!
    This cheescake is one I will try for NYE but use frangelico instead of
    baileys. Thanks for sharing :)?

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