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Beardyman: Beatbox Recipe

This is Beardyman from showing you how to make the Electro Funk Daddy Superstar Break. He is one of the best, most creative and funny beatboxers I have ever seen. You will enjoy this “recipe”. :)

  1. The fish thing is a refernece to british cooking shows

  2. @friestime if tht was right why wud he take the piss out his own nation :S TWAT

  3. @desalora cuz ur dumb

  4. This video is so funny keep it up Beardyman!!!

  5. now im gonna put this in the oven and its gonna bake for 3 years… “drop!!!” lol =D

  6. This is the coolest thing ever!

  7. I love this video!! xD I wish I could beatbox like this. :P

  8. @7rancisco1 It’s entertainment. Entertainment is entertainment, there is a point in that isnt it? :)

  9. This needs more views lol!

  10. 1:29 best part!

  11. @7rancisco1 i see no point in your comment

  12. funny shit

  13. Not only epic but also creative epic. All in all a good solid epic win.

  14. hahahahahahahahahah x]] Funny shiit !! he is soo good , Long live Beardyman !! <33

  15. This video never gets old. Ever.

  16. THis is the BEST 3 minuets on youtube right now.

  17. His face at 2:29 is awesome!!!

  18. most rhythmically advanced. You been makin my grooves countin then smoovin for a year! Thanks.

  19. Friken awesome dude

  20. he closed his arm in the oven door o-o

  21. @7rancisco1 I see no point in your existence.

  22. hahaha i love you

  23. Hope Hobnobs pay him some money as their new advert is a blatant ripoff of this genius!!

  24. Cook It Up Beard Man. Just Be Careful You Don’t Become Wig Man.

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