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Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars: Recipe: How To Make: Easy! Diane Kometa-Dishin’ With Di Recipe #100

Cheesecake Bars Recipe! How To Make Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars: Recipe: Lemon Cheesecake Recipe with Blueberries & Graham Cracker Crust! Easy Dessert!! …

  1. TY!! ;)

  2. TY & Welcome! ;)

  3. Could I use lemon extract instead of vanilla

  4. You could, but I think that would be too much lemon.

  5. taking such small portions and bites is really annoying. you know damn good
    and well you want to take a huge bite lol

  6. these look delicious!!! Looove your kitchen …. especially the tulips, and
    the red and white colors.. planning on having a red and white kitchen soon!
    :) Xoxo

  7. Well thanks I have a recipe for you send a email to

  8. Look amazing I love it

  9. Make Them! ;)

  10. Happy 100th recipe/ video!!!

  11. You’re right! lol I’ll have to start digging in! ;)

  12. Mmmmm! ;)

  13. That looks scrumptious! I wish I could taste a piece! :)


  15. I sure will di! ;)

  16. Addictive!! Had to send them to work with my Hub, before I ate any more of
    them! ;)

  17. oh so good. Love them!

  18. I have been watching you for a long time, you Rock and you are a Gift from
    above .thank you for sharing your recipes they are Beautiful Much love to
    you and yours?

  19. Thank you!?

  20. That cupcake is pretty as she’s is.?

  21. Hi watching ur videos! Btw my oven’s max temp is 260 °C. Can I
    still make this??

  22. Looks Great?

  23. Wow that looks good! Yesterday i made your key lime pie recipe and there is
    none left today! I was wondering if i could make this recipe with dark
    brown sugar instead of the light one? ?

  24. Very simple recipe will be trying. Thanks for sharing!?

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