1. One of my favorite soups. Especially around this time of year. YUM!

  2. YUMMY!!! I’m making it for Thanksgiving tomorrow. YAEEEEH!

  3. Is it better to bake the squash for the soup or boil it?

  4. personally i wold say that using some roasted squash in the soup would be a great way to add some richness and depth to the flavours. 400F squash is sweeter than boiled squash.

    Keith is the chef here though, me might say he wants soup to taste like soup, not like roasted squash.

    irregardless i reward a rating of five stars and a big huge THANKS KEITH YOU RULE.

  5. i tried this variation and adding the apple really makes a difference in sweetness.

  6. Thanks, turned out amazing!!

  7. i watched ur video, never saw where u added the garlic,,,,,,,,,,,,i take it would be added when the vegges are almost done before u add the liquids. right ????

  8. Thanks for the recepei for I have been looking for it for tomorrow.I get the idea it helps me a lot.

  9. your welcome ..play with the recipe….things like sage pesto, curry, creme fraiche etc..all make it even better


  10. looks wonderful! I’m making this for dinner tomorrow!!!

  11. will it taste okay without the cream?

  12. I just made this recipe and it was a success! SUPER delicious! Thank You

  13. I just made the soup it was great.

    One suggestion. Please, Please don’t taste the soup and then dump what’s left in the spoon back into the pot. It might be OK for your family but it is not a thing you want to show beginning cooks.

    Again great recipe. Loved it.

  14. @anurre5 It’ll taste AWESOME! Cream goes REALLY well with butternut squash! I like it better WITH the cream, than without :)

  15. I like to add a clove of garlic, and a couple lil slivers of ginger!!!

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