1. love that WOK

  2. he is just the best…meal under 3 mins

  3. Amounts for all the ingredients are not given in the video…where can I find a written recipe and/or list of ingredients in the amounts he used in the video? The dish looks awesome, I want to try making at home.

  4. That looks absolutely delicious! I was wondering how I could make some of this dish, because I had it for lunch when I went out today!

  5. You’ll have to watch him and eyeball the ingredient amounts, he doesn’t measure.

  6. I would not put the corn starch straight into the chicken, I would mix it with some cold water first, and if you wanted to make it thick you should add sifted flour in the begining. With this it will become thick when you add the chicken stock. Oyster sauce stinks, I would use soy sauce as an alternative.

  7. Soy sauce as an alternative would not be a good idea in that oyster sauce has a very distinct flavor. Yes it does smell but the taste is phenomenal and you don’t smell it in the dish.

    Also do you use raw or cooked cashews?

  8. you should know that he said 1 or 2 tablespoons of cornstarch which is WAY TOO MUCH

    what he actually put in the pan was 2 tablespoons of a cornstarch SOLUTION (cornstarch dissolved in water)

    2 tablespoons of straight starch would have ruined that dish completely. what a dumb mistake to say that

  9. @Visionism Cashew chicken was invented in Missouri. It might be chinese, but it was invented in Springfield, MO, it’s what that town is known for (that and Brad Pitt).

  10. if i was RICH enough i would hire YOU as my personal chef lol!!!!

  11. Is your last name really Pierre? He He thats kinda steriotypical but take no offence :P

  12. Have you written a book with your recipes?

  13. more videos!

  14. @oceanparadise Maybe you shouldn’t offend people to begin with instead of apologizing after you’ve made a fool of yourself.

  15. @ChefJeanPierre You don’t have a speech impediment, sir, I understood everything you said and you did it in such a nice and fun way. Like you add flavor to food you add flavor to speech! Un yawn!

    Oceanparadise has a personality impediment.

  16. @jackburton2009 Whatever? You have no right to speak to me like this. I wasn’t being disrespect towards Chef JP but merely asking him a question, which I don’t know and receiving his response it wasn’t intentional to find it funny but without knowing it was funny.

    I love watching his cooking…and I have a sister who is half French so I have nothing against him. More efforts for him on his cooking videos.

  17. @jackburton2009 LOL? Hehe, look at you trying to defense him so cute:-P

  18. @oceanparadise LOL, look at you trying to write something that makes any sense at all without grammatical errors.

  19. @oceanparadise You don’t get to decide who can write what, you pretentious twit. You want to see something funny look in the mirror.

    Your [half-]sister’s French parent made a grave mistake.

  20. @oceanparadise You have the mental age of a child.

  21. @ChefJeanPierre you are truly the best chef around not just the cooking but your personality … i wish he was still making videos here :(

  22. Oyster sauce doesnt smell bad at all xD

  23. hehe, I think you are the male version of Julia Child. :-)

  24. I”m learning how to make Chinese food, but in most of their recipes they use oyster sauce. I was wondering how that smelled like and if it had any relevancy to sea food. ? lol If it taste good,it can’t smell bad i imagine. lol
    Thanks for this awesome recipe its simple to make.

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