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Cedar Plank Grilling Basics

Cedar plank grilling gives fish, pork, beef or chicken a great smoky flavor. The Kraft Kitchens Expert demonstrates how easy it is to add this twist to your cookout menu. Watch this video and you’ll be on your way to a whole new taste sensation. See more recipes here:
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  1. Wow, thanks, but what do I need for the dressing again?

  2. Do you use direct cooking or indirect?

  3. You are a good fake chef.But i learnt something thank you

  4. heart heart Z

  5. There should be a way to recycle the plank.

  6. coulnt you bake at 450?

  7. If it is not used up the first time use it again or crumble it up to and add to the coals to use as a bonus smoke element to another cooking recipe. Easy huh! No Waste!

  8. Thanks.
    Great recipe!

  9. You could also clean it really well, and save it for the fireplace in the winter. There’s nothing quite like a cedar fire on a cold night!

  10. I soaked my plank over night, then i dabbed off the water. It caught on fire -__- .

  11. @jaw22601 grease?….lol

  12. cool channel!

  13. @sholoborx – – – why didn’t you do better

  14. @Michaelsp9 you probably didnt use untreated wood then. The wood you used was probably treated with chemicals.

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