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Chef Ramsay prepares Lobster and caviar with crisp potatoes – Gordon Ramsay

Season 4 of 6 of The F Word with Gordon Ramsay and celebrity cooking brigades. Gordon Ramsay prepares Lobster and caviar with crisp potatoes.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. I wish I could afford food like that. Looks delicious!

  2. Now that’s some proper food right there.

  3. Sadly you don’t have a vagina

  4. That was because the truffle oil the contestant used was not made from real
    truffle. It was made from synthetic ingredients, similar to a perfume, and
    has overly pungent smell and a bitter flavor. The good stuff are simply
    olive oil that has truffles soaked in it. You can actually see chunks of
    truffle inside those bottles. The flavor and aroma of synthetic oil (around
    $20 per 8 oz bottle) and the real thing (can go for around $100 per 1 oz)
    aren’t something that can even be compared.

  5. Caviar sits in metal tins fyi.

  6. Store bought mayonnaise uses pasteurized egg yolks to eliminate the chance
    of people getting sick. With homemade mayonnaise there is a chance you
    could get stick, but it’s very small assuming you’re getting farm fresh
    eggs. And even then the salmonella is on the outside of the shell not in
    the egg yolk, making it even less likely.

  7. eat this then diiiiiii

  8. I went to go watch it. You’re right. He says truffle oil is bad to use for
    cooking but he does it?

  9. really funny, keep them jokes up we’re so laughing!

  10. brilliant, but i can never have a good hearty meal from that! should have
    at least 2 lobsters

  11. I sold my house. Now where can I get this???

  12. oh man,sorry about that, last night i wasn’t in the mood XD

  13. i have never tasted caviar, would love to at least b4 i die?

  14. which kind of salad is that? what’s the seasoning??

  15. Potato is horrible for you.?

  16. CAVIAR = MERCURY TOXIC = causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, impaired
    brain motor.
    Folk, prefer Onuga mock caviar to real caviar. It looks like caviar and it
    is very tasty. Yet the mock is 3% cost of real caviar. Look up Onuga
    online. ?

  17. Did I just watch a live lobster decapitated by pulling??

  18. And here I am eating pop tarts and hot pockets.. god dammit, tomorrow I’m
    getting a toaster strudel and real ham and cheese… :P?

  19. Gordon can’t stop jumping XD?

  20. did he use a metal spoon with that caviar? ?

  21. last supper? that portion is way too less. last supper would be burgers en

  22. Caviar is way over hyped. We eat it all the time in Russia. It’s just salty
    and kinda fishy… nothing special about it. Don’t see why people consider
    it such a delicacy.?

  23. Maybe he used a 3000€/pound original Beluga caviar instead of your

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