Chicken Farming

Chicken is one of the most commonly eaten meats on the planet and it has been recorded as being eaten way back to 600 BC.  In the middle ages it was eaten across the world due to its ease of cooking, breeding and digestion.

During World War 2 its popularity grew even further due to a shortage of beef and pork until in 1996 Chicken became the most consumed meat in the world, even over taking beef.

Apart from the egg, the main parts of the chicken that are eaten are the muscle parts.  These being the breast, leg and thigh parts of the chicken that contain the large portion of meat.  Cooking a chicken can be done in many ways.  Roasting is quite common and is often used for large family dinners.  Left over roast chicken can easily be used in soups or sandwiches.

In recent years deep frying has become a major way of cooking a chicken.  Fast food restaurants deep fry the breast, leg or wing in a coating of breaded herbs and spices to give the chicken distinct and often spicy flavour.  With more and more people becoming more health conscious these fast food restaurants are taking the deep fried chicken and serving it as part of a salad or in a healthy wrap instead of with chips and a soft drink.

Although chicken bones should not be eaten as they can be very dangerous, they can be simmered to make a chicken stock.  Simmering the chicken bone in a pan of water can make a good stock which can be used in other chicken recipes, or a soup.

The welfare of a chicken while it is being farmed is a debatable topic.  Some believe that battery farms should be banned as they are inhumane and only free to roam farms should be used as these allow the chickens more freedom and exercise.


I’m Heather, I enjoy food and cooking.  I wrote this as I recently decided to buy chicken breasts and experiement.  As I find more foods I like I will write more about them but for the near futre I will buy chicken breasts more often as they are so flexible.

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