1. @Toxic581 When buying a wok purchase one with the thickest steel. Do not
    wash with soap after use it will prevent sticking. The one I have is over
    30 years old :) Thanks for watching and I hope you make lo mein!

  2. @divinechef How does Hoisin Sauce effect the taste, & What is the best
    brand of Hoisin Sauce?

  3. what else can i use other then cooking wine ?

  4. @divinechef I also notice that you use rice nodles to make this, but in
    your pork lo mein video you used egg noodles & had to make a little more
    sauce (an extra tbsp of hoisin sauce). So which noodles do you think is
    better to make lo mein with?

  5. And thats why i love my babe:D

  6. Ferry funny

  7. u just repeat what he said =.=”

  8. If im using 16oz of linguine instead of 6oz rice noodles, do you suggest I
    triple the ingredients?

  9. @annyomouschap how would you know how it tastes??

  10. Great one down 233 to go!

  11. it’s the internet…

  12. You are the bastard person in the world, You know ? :)

  13. i love all your recipes. keep up the good job.

  14. i have a question for the soy sauce use light or dark soy sauce?

  15. No speak English.

  16. cen i tek yio oda???


  18. Great presentation – very well put together. I’m trying it this weekend. I
    love Chinese cooking. So fast so good

  19. @TheHoth1 I don’t prefer silence :)

  20. This recipe looks good and easy…I’m going to try it thx for the video?

  21. This recipe looks good and easy…I’m going to try it thx for the video?

  22. Why no msg??

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