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Chicken Rollatini

Here is the Birthday Channel that Nutcheese and BeenDownHeartedBaby made for me Thanks!! You can substitute the wine in this recipe with chicken broth if you like Music By StephStance
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  1. Cooking with wine makes me feel grown up LOL

  2. UUhh, you are killing meee!! GIVE ME THAT CHICKEN!!

  3. i tiny bit of garlic would be nice in there too
    but it looks so goood! YUM

  4. You are wonderful Diana..just discovered your videos a couple weeks ago while searching for a recipe for chicken rollitini…..I’m looking forward to making this..also love the fact that you enjoy Yellowtail Chardonnay..its my all time fav : )) guys are so entertaining..hope to see more videos : )….

  5. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMYYYYYY! looks sounds and I bet tastes buuutiful!,,,,thanx ive favorited this

  6. Wait…your name is Diana,and you remind me of my aunt….who’s name IS Diana…that’s creepy,but awesome.

  7. omg this video is full of Italian accents and personality!! i love it!!!!!!

  8. YOU’RE AWESOME. thank you thank you thank you…. im so cooking this for my family when they come in february for my baby delivery :). God Bless you.

  9. @TICABELLA23 Congrats on the baby sweetie!!

  10. Thanks :-)

  11. prEVolone cheese. XD i love you diana

  12. I personally like the swiss better. o:

  13. hi there, just a few things about the rolls,… you may try it with lighter slices of meat,… it can be both chicken or calf, and fill them with some prosciutto, both stuffed or not,… and a slice of mortdella adding some small pieces of carrot and celery. Cook them into a pan with some oil, a few pieces of garlic and some white wine, they will taste great!

  14. hahahahaha you’re sooo funny.
    “i can’t stand when they’re that big it’s disgusting…
    shut up Frankie.”

  15. you inspire happiness

  16. I with you Frankie Swiss is not so yummy .what’s the red thing u put on there i know the cheese and oregano and the butter but the other thing what is it

  17. been a while but I still love your style and this dish looks great.

  18. Would it be a bad idea to mix cheeses? :/

  19. pevelone? projute wow…..thats not how you pronounce those words!

  20. Love ther recipe. Thanks for sharing it. My hubby loved it also. Great idea using the Perdue thin cutlets.

  21. Love ther recipe. Thanks for sharing it. My hubby loved it also. Great idea using the Perdue thin cutlets.

  22. i love u and ur awesome personality!!!!

  23. If you make these in advance, what’s the best way of heating them up? Back in the oven? Nuke?

  24. @joerivside Oven, microwave is evil :)

  25. why in the vid u said cheese eese?

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