1. Extremly good and usefull , @gkutty0

  2. you are absolutely correct…. the fact that you can speak another language
    is pariseworthy….. haters will hate… keep up the good work… :)

  3. yuummmyy thnx its my all tym favt, @fatema_jab

  4. hahahah good to see u like this ..nice ..something difff …. kudos to ur
    try and the dish was good.:)

  5. nice, @bkirankumar621

  6. glad to know it turned out awesome for you.. Keep watching sharmilazkitchen
    for more wonderful recipes.

  7. ajinamoto”””’forgot

  8. Well said, some people are here either to spam or to criticize.

  9. Thanx Farhana… Keep watching sharmilazkitchen for more recipes…:)

  10. you are missing an “IS” as well so same to you.

  11. ???? ?? ????, @davidzevia023

  12. Realy its nice Sharmilaz. i ll try this. thanks for posting this recipe.
    cause of your simple language i unerstand well. :)

  13. Nice recpie

  14. very very nice .i love it very much.

  15. its good for abroad Indians …………

  16. i hate ajinomoto . . is it necessary to use it , @ishanpandita1988

  17. Nice vid. Thanks sister.

  18. dont worry about the negative comment ur recipe looks amazing!

  19. there’s no need to be rude. She’s showing a recipe not teaching ESL

  20. looks lush and I got to try this! x, @davidhughes6124

  21. Thank you soooo much. I made this and it turned out better than from the
    restaurant. I am going to make the fried rice next?

  22. tomato sauce = ketchup??

  23. Friends and Family love this meal. Thanks.?

  24. Hi, just subscribed cause it looks great. I have everything except
    aginamoto.. Never heard of it but will look for some. What does it taste
    like and is there a substitute please? Cheers.?

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