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Chinese Barbecue Pork – Char Siu Video Recipe

Chinese BBQ pork has to be one of the tastiest foods ever conceived. Learn how to make delicious Chinese BBQ pork at home with my easy recipe. Give it a go! …

  1. Love eating this

  2. yum yum looks great

  3. @amatureBBQer Thanks mate, no school :(

  4. I’ve been looking for a video that shows how to make this and it took an
    Aussie from Down Under to do it. Thanks Aussie Griller


  6. I’ve been buying the char siu buns in chinatown for ages (2 for $1 – can’t
    beat that) so I decided to go one step further and made the char siu
    myself. Excellent dish and I seriously doubt that I’ll have any pork left
    over to make buns. lol.

  7. @KHRSace lol

  8. Char Siu in Chinese – ?? :D

  9. It is pork loin in the uk quite a cheap cut of meat very under used.

  10. “Char sui”

  11. Top tips! Don’t use dark soy sauce!

  12. I live for this shit

  13. @Whit3Wolff Thanks

  14. @tonehawke Thanks mate!

  15. @Silkymits2000 lol a cleaver is handy at solving all sorts of problems! :)

  16. I don’t hAve grill. Can i put it in the oven? what temp?

  17. @AuSSiEJaZzA Thanks :)

  18. Oh yeah XD

  19. Its Char Siew* :)

  20. I think Siu is more accurate than Sui,I’m Cantonese,and BBQ pork is widely
    popular among Canton providence and its sounding regimes in China and other
    SE Asia countries.

  21. @CheapCrap12311 Thanks

  22. Enjoy guys, love this one :)

    Chinese Barbecue Pork – Char Siu Video Recipe?

  23. I’m going to make it for 2nd time, instead of grilling it, I putting the
    marinated pork in the oven. Thanks for the recipes.?

  24. I have it marinating tonight and I will grill it tomorrow! I’m going to
    make Char Siu Bao?

  25. I never marinate in dishes anymore. I use ziplock plastic bags with the air
    pressed out. So easy and the marinade stays on the meat all the time.?

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