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Chinese Braised Pork Belly Recipe

Slider Bun Recipe: It’s less than two weeks to Chinese New Year and this is one of my family’s favourite celebratory dishes. I’ll…

  1. ooooh, the last bit looks like ??? :). looks delish :3?

  2. You know I cook this on a pan ?

  3. Cool video.?

  4. thank you for explaining the method so well.
    chef Annie. ha ha quick Q.
    What are the main traditional Chinese ingredients. For staple foods and
    I live in NYC so i wanna go to china town and pick everything up at once
    and stock up,
    it’s the only place to pick up genuine ingredients from my experience.
    Thank you very much for your time.?

  5. Thank you for this simple recipe. Wow best sliders I ever made. I made
    sourdough french baguettes, yummy. This is a keeper!! ?

  6. im trying this recipe today, i cant wait to stop by H-Mart & pickup those
    key ingredients?

  7. I must try today :)?

  8. muito bom seu video ,alem de muito gostoso !!!!?

  9. My mom wants the bun recipe.?

  10. Planing to try your recipe…but is there any substitute for Shaoxing wine??

  11. Making this today! It looks amazing :)?

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