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Chinese braised pork tongue recipe | Chef Cristian Feher

In this video, I will show you how to make braised Chinese-style pork tongue with scallion ginger oil over steamed jasmin rice. For this recipe it is best to…
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  1. Interesting to have a non-Chinese teach Chinese cooking. Looks delicious.
    Video v well done & enjoyable to watch.

    Wonder if the ginger scallion peanut oil will taste even more flavorsome if
    stir fried a little while??

  2. Hi Cristian
    I bought some pig tongue yesterday for the first time from an amazing
    market near where I live.
    They have loads of cuts that are hard to find in the supermarkets and their
    prices are so low.
    For example:
    Chicken hearts @ £2.00 per kg
    Chicken livers @ £2.00 per kg
    Ox cheeks @ £2:70 per kg
    Ox heart @ £ 2:70 per kg
    Ox liver @ £2:00 per kg
    Plus lambs and pigs hearts and kidneys, ox tail, pigs tails trotters and
    ears, and loads more.
    I’ve never had pig tongue before so I was looking for a recipe.
    Your recipe sounds great so I’m going to try it with a few variations.
    I’m going to use minced ginger from a jar instead of fresh and also some
    minced garlic and olive oil instead of peanut oil.
    And fresh corriander leaves as a garnish.
    I’ll keep you informed.?

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