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Chinese Congee

Hildada the Cookaholic: Yummy Chinese Congee Come visit my cooking blog @ or JOIN my Facebook Group @ http://www.facebook…
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  1. HELLLLO can u plzzz tell me the sound track u used in the beginning n in
    the ending plllllzzzzzz

  2. how many cups or water and rice did u use?

  3. song name? :o

  4. Mmmmm. Yummy. Your congee looks SOOO delicious!

  5. Interesting – I never thought of cooking it on high the whole time. I will
    give it a try!

  6. I can’t believe nobody’s commented on this video yet! Anyhoo, I just wanna
    say THANK YOU for sharing this easy to follow recipe! I’ve been dying to
    make congee for ages and couldn’t find a good congee recipe, but then I
    stumbled across yours! I made it and add century eggs to it, and it tasted
    amazing! My whole family loved it! So thank you again! *hugz*

  7. I REALLY want to cook this >w<

  8. @hforhilda.thanks for this video.hehe… i learned how to cook real chinese
    congee for this video.more power hforhilda.

  9. add some ginger slice to balance out the dried scallops

  10. hi, have u tried sticky rice?

  11. PERFECT !!!! Now just add a ‘preserved duck egg’ !!!!! Mmmmmmm…

  12. add some cornstarch in to the meat

  13. subscribed !!

  14. Good and simple recipe. I usually add some green onion and bits of fresh
    Ginger to enhance the flavor.

  15. om nom nom <3 thank you

  16. Hi Hilda, You’ve made the best congee video by far. Same recipie that I
    use. LOL. Its a crime though that your blog is in chinese only. Take care
    and post more videos, Johan

  17. Why are you washing the rice and coating it with salt and oil? I read this
    technique in many congee recipes but I don’t understand the logic behind
    it. Care to explain?

  18. @TFGal2010 Thank you!! haha, i think i need more hard work and improvement
    in order to get comments ^^!! Anywayz, I am realllllllly happy that you
    like it and found it’s easy!! Adding century eggs is definitely a good
    choice! And I am HAPPY that your family love it too!! hehe.. ENjoy! :D

  19. is congee a healthy food?! I would like for you to make videos of healthy
    chinese recipes that will help keep off weight or not help you gain weight

  20. lol seems like everyone has diiferent style they all look kinda the same at
    the end ?

  21. Good teaching method that makes viewers understand the process easily.
    Captions are better than words. Other people talk too much nonsense and
    still they couldn’t get into the point. All in all, thanks for sharing
    your video to us. I appreciate it.?

  22. I searched on “throwing things into the pot” and came here wtf?

  23. I made this and just loved it thank you?

  24. Thank you for the video. It looks delicious. ?

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