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Chinese Dim Sum Recipe – SORTED

We’ve had so many requests for a Dim Sum recipe and you’ve given us loads of tips and tricks to make them as magical as possible… So here’s our version!! S…
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  1. Still, I believe this is an amazing recipe

  2. What about pho???

  3. I hope mike can make it for me :$?

  4. This type of dim sum is specifically called shu mai, there are many more
    types of dim sum. May you please make more types of dim sum??

  5. Another fav of mine is sieu long bao (steamed shanghai dumplings) with
    black vinegar & ginger cut into lil shreds or matchstick. Omg…delish?

  6. the guy with the sorted cooking shirt SPEAKS TOO FRKN FAST…geez?

  7. make kimchi stew!?

  8. My family makes sauce with soy sauce, a little bit of vinegar, an some
    korean spicy red pepper flakes?

  9. Is the meet in this properly cooked??

  10. lol the way ben says “shoo mai”?

  11. I like to dip mine into chilli sauce!!!?

  12. soy and hot oil or sacha if you have it?

  13. “water chestnuts, crunchy”
    “they taste like crunchy water” haha

    Also, you can use coffee filters to line the base. When I cook dumplings, I
    use a steamer pot thing, and put the water pretty high in the pot below,
    and by the time it’s done the water is a couple cm high in the pot above,
    so they don’t stick at all and slide right off the filters, bc I noticed
    they were still sticking for yours. Idk if that made much sense, but yeah

  14. Is it me or does that carrot look red in one shot?

  15. pho pls :)?

  16. Looks just like what Chinese Siew Mai is ~But in my city in China we prefer
    to use sweet rice,Chinese sausage and mushroom filling instead of mince
    meat filling,and I think this sweet rice filling is more delicious !?

  17. Steam bread please!!!!!! (sorted style!)?

  18. Can you do mongolian national foods??

  19. I like fish sauce with sugar, some water, lemon and chili!?

  20. Here’s some other tasty dim sum you can try:
    Char Sui Baos (bbq pork buns)
    stuffed noodles
    dom pot (egg custard tart)
    Remember everything should be bite sized! (but the pork buns can be
    sandwich sized more yumminess)?

  21. Lol Shoe My?

  22. I love dim sum, I’ll definitely try this. Thanks! ?

  23. This particular one is called “Siew mai”.

    You’re welcome.?

  24. Old video and you guys will probably never see this, but wouldn’t it be
    awesome to make a Sorted version of soup dumplings? God I could eat
    literally a hundred of those and not get tired of them?

  25. THAI TOM YAM SOUP PLEASE!!! Sorted version! ?

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