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Chinese Dumpling Recipe – Zong Zi

Here is the link to the written instructions for this recipe:

  1. Very impressive looking.

  2. @EZGlutenFree Thank you :)

  3. Zong zi. Brilliant job, Lila.

  4. @IndySweetPea1217 Thank you so much for watching :)

  5. @MikisPantry Yes these do take quite a long time to make. Thank you Miki :)

  6. @KasCooks Thank you :)

  7. looks delicious! i have all of those ingredients available at my local
    asian market!!!

  8. @MademoiselleAshley Oh I am sorry about your grandma. Thank you very much
    for the comment :)

  9. The traditional way of wrapping is a bit tricky.

  10. @MrJingjong Thank you :)

  11. Excellent video! My former boss made these and let me watch and then try
    them. Wonderful taste and texture. Well-done!

  12. looks good. can i use a rice cooker to steam them? thanks.

  13. @3bdura7man just for flavor. Dont eat it!

  14. Sorry i miss spelled it (zongzi) oops :-D

  15. @UntouchableMoments I always boil mine and it still taste amazing. I think
    thats why the banana leaves must be tight to keep the flavour in mmmm :D

  16. how a bout add some chinese chestnut n shitake mushroom also, fried the
    rice with the ingredients in the wok before u wrap them n the banana
    leaves. i’m chinese. this is the way i make my dumplings

  17. Thank you so much for posting this and thank your former boss for trying
    this recipe – I really appreciate this :)

  18. @maplepoon These take a long time to make and sometimes it’s just easier to
    buy them pre made. Thank you so much for watching Kelvin :)

  19. I usually steam mine, the banana leaves adds a great smell and flavor to
    the food.

  20. You make it look so easy to wrap and not as complicated as my mom says it
    is! My mom doesn’t make them anymore she goes to the store to buy it…
    Thanks for the video Lila. Kelvin

  21. @devilpyro420 Yes they are similar to tamales. Thank you for watching :)

  22. this is cool video

  23. @Tatzie Hi – You can use chicken eggs as long as they are salted or pre
    cooked (hard boiled.) And you can use turkey or any other cooked meat as
    well depending on your tastes. Thank you so much for watching my videos- I
    really appreciate it :)

  24. @MrEZCooking He’ll eat the rice, just not with the egg or shrimp in it. He
    is a bit picky, but actually easy to please – his favorite things are pizza
    and grilled chicken :)

  25. @pastryparrot1 Thank you Mary Ann – It’s so interesting how some foods and
    ingredients that we take for granted here in the US are very hard to find
    in other places around the world. I’ve had many people tell me that they
    can’t find this or that – It makes me realize how lucky (or rather spoiled)
    we are here :)

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