1. what other kind of seasoning can use instead of Chile pepper. I don’t like

  2. Very nice.the best part it’s vegetarian.thanks jaden:-)?

  3. I remember ordering something similar to this at an awesome chinese
    restaurant in Toronto. It was AMAZING. I’m sure your version is much
    healthier though. Can’t wait to try this!?

  4. I loved your recipe! I’ve never cooked eggplant before, but picked up a
    couple at my local Asian market the other day. I substituted the raw red
    and green chili’s for a table spoon of Asian chili garlic sauce. I took out
    the sugar too and substituted liquid Stevia (a couple drops). It was so
    yummy! Thank you for your video and tips.?

  5. Oh wow! This looks just awesome! I want some. ?

  6. Yum, what tool did you use to mince the garlic??

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