1. A wise Chinese man once told me “Go to bed with itchy butt, wake up with
    stinky fingers” that would be a good fortune for a cookie!?

  2. Big Wangs Chinese restaurant is down the road from me :3?

  3. I was a rabbit too~~?

  4. It’s not Chinese, but there used to be a Vietnamese restaurant named Phò
    King back home. By the way, you guys should make some phò! ?

  5. Yeah this is the worst comment because Dutch Chinese restaurant names
    aren’t punny and I’ve never had a fortune cookie in my life because they
    don’t do those either as far as I know… but hey, at least I can now make
    them myself!?

  6. If its the year of the horse does that mean you will be doing a recipe for
    findus lasange?

  7. & that’s fortunate enough.?

  8. Great recipe guys and Happy New Year ^_^?

  9. Thank you, i’ll do the recipe soon!?

  10. we go to this place called asian wok and roll lol! its quite good and cheap

  11. Theres a Ph? King in my area, their work shirts say “How my I Ph? King help
    you?” ?

  12. Grace will come, ahaha.?

  13. I got one once that said “if you think no one cares about you, try missing
    a few car insurance payments” hah!?

  14. Yes, invented in America but invented supposedly by Japanese immigrant
    Makoto Hagiwara in San Francisco. No one really knows the real deal. Still
    pretty cool at the end of a Chinese Food meal with friends. Nice one guys.

  15. Awesome job you guys!?

  16. What did Jamie says about Bangkok??

  17. Grace with a capital G, eh? Who is Grace? Don’t think we didn’t catch that?

  18. Sum Ting Wong?

  19. Pho king!?

  20. Yay! Year of the Tiger ^_^?

  21. I really love this recipe! Sorted food is the best! ^_^?

  22. How many egg whites is 125g??

  23. There’s a Vietnamese noodle place in Seattle called “What The Ph?”. (It’s
    funnier if you know how “ph?” is actually pronounced.)?


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