1. Thank you so much Seema! :)

  2. Chilli sauce is easily available in stores.

  3. Thanks a lot! Keep watching Rajshri Food for such easy, interesting &
    delicious recipes! :)

  4. Hi Ruchi..I find your videos very useful..Your recipies are quite easy and
    the way you explain is very nice n lovely… Seema…

  5. awww . . How sweet . . Thanks for all your appreciation, Barkha! Subscribe
    to Rajshri Food and Keep sharing videos on facebook with your family and

  6. Love your videos! Everything is so delicious looking and vegetarian too!

  7. You are so beautiful <3

  8. You can take out a noodle and try it to see whether its correctly boiled or

  9. Hi, I love your videos. I notice that your chili sauce is is greenish in
    color. I live in the US and most of our chili sauces sauces are red with
    varying degrees of spiciness. There are some green sauces made from mild
    Anaheim or New Mexico chilies available. Do you happen to know what your
    sauce is made from and it’s approximate spiciness? (I eat very hot food
    including the Habanero chili) Thanks.

  10. Excellent

  11. how do you make the chilli sauce?

  12. The heat of the green chilli sauce I used is comparable to SRIRACHA. U can
    use that too, only ur noodles will be red. Also the Asian stores carry
    different brands of green chilli sauce. If u can handle habanero, then just
    add a drop of it.

  13. what is shallots can you pl advise???

  14. Hey Ruchi, you are very pretty!! I like how you keep your makeup to the
    minimal. And you make cooking so much easier!! ^_^

  15. hi when i used to make noodles it always become halwa but thank for your
    useful video seeing this video now i can make very delicious noodle

  16. Thanks? Jagdeep! :)

  17. You are indeed beautiful :)

  18. Shallots r spring onions.

  19. How do you know that ur noodles are correctly boiled?

  20. I have just started to watch this channel & I really love it, I just love
    the way you make simple, easy stuff…:-)?

  21. I think green onions are called scallions, shallots are just the baby
    version of onions that are bilobed and elongated that can be divided into
    two cloves like garlic.?

  22. Hi can you please post how to cook fruit custeard?

  23. Ruchi, Thanks for the video. Could you pls share the recipe for Sweet corn
    veg soup? The recipes available does not taste hotel style… ?

  24. hi can u put up video recipe for Vegetable Manchurian with gravy.. please?

  25. I have just started to watch this channel & I really love it, I just love
    the way you make simple, easy stuff…:-)?

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