1. hi I love your channel and I hope you can continue to update regularly.
    actually I was wondering if you could show us how to make ???? or more
    different type of noodles. thank you! ?

  2. Ye i’d call that a chinese pulled pork sandwich but i like the recipe no

  3. delicious! amazing flavors!?

  4. Looks more like a pull pork sandwich than a hamburger, but still looks

  5. looks more of a taco?

  6. I love your channel! I’m a student here in London ?

  7. Awesome ! Thanks very much for sharing !?

  8. What kind of flour??

  9. Wouldn’t the orange peel give a bitter taste? I’d love to try this
    recipe! ?

  10. I love how you produced your videos! Love how you teach Chinese cooking in
    less than 5 minutes!?

  11. that looks sooooooo yummy! definitely going to pick up the necessary
    ingredients next time I’m getting groceries!?

  12. I have another question: when you cook the pork for 2 hours, is it on low
    heat or med heat or high heat? ?

  13. I tried your recipe but i’ve change into a meat bcos im muslim..its superb
    delicious.. yummy! ^_^?

  14. Hello i love your vids! I have a question, what kind of porf meat do you
    recomend/use? Thanks so much , from yucatan mexico :) ?

  15. I enjoy listening to your explanation! Can you start recording your voice
    over again? Thanks!?

  16. Looks delicious. I’ll definitely try this.
    By the way I think those were bay leaves rather than basil leaves.?

  17. That looks delicious! I’m going to try it out, esp the way you made the
    bread is a lovely idea : )?

  18. Very interesting technique on the bun presentation the overall concept of a
    Chinese hamburger was a unique idea!?

  19. Thank you for posting your wonderful Asian recipes:) I love your channel
    and I have learnt so much from you !!!! I am so thrilled when a new video
    is posted :) Can you post a Chinese easy soup recipe or a noodle dish ? I
    have tried all of the other recipes you posted – thank you sooooooooo much

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