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Chinese Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

This is how to make a pot of real Chinese Hot And Sour Soup When it comes to Chinese soup on…
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  1. Homemade is always the way to go, even if it’s a Chinese recipe like Hot
    and Sour Soup! Thanks for checking in and always keep on cooking!

  2. Awesome looking recipe, I am going to make that. Do you think if I made a
    bunch of it, I can freeze some of it for eating later or is this not a good
    soup to freeze and re-eat?

  3. You need to give this homemade Chinese Hot And Sour Soup recipe a try. It’
    better than you can get in almost any Chinese restaurants. When you get
    around to cooking up a pot a would love to hear back from you on your
    review. Thanks for your comment, Cheers!

  4. Ya need a hotter stove for that wok,lol, but that soup looks AMAZING!!!!
    Hold on…!!!! Amazing.

  5. I have never frozen Tofu , so your question can I freeze Chinese Hot And
    Sour Soup I have no answer for. I am sorry I can’t help because I have no
    experience in the matter. Any way thanks for watching my homemade Chinese
    Hot And Sour Soup recipe!

  6. Sure looks good, I’m gonna have to give this a shot.

  7. If a person from China says this Chinese Hot And Sour Soup recipe is thumbs
    up, wow that means something. Thanks for your review and comment! :)

  8. thumb up from a chinese

  9. Some times when I go to a Chinese restaurant I just like a good bowl of Hot
    and Sour Soup, and Egg Rolls. Give this Soup recipe a try it’s better than
    you can find in almost any Chinese joint. Thanks for watching.

  10. Oh yeah! I’m making egg rolls tonight and if I had the stuff I’d make this!
    Awesome Glenn!

  11. Great recipe! I love how simple this recipe is.

  12. Thanks Hoveurt for your kind comment on my Chinese Hot And Sour Soup
    recipe. It would work without meat. I too need to drop some pounds!

  13. It’s Always A Plus When You Can Make Asian Carry From Home. I Was Glad to
    See You Use Bamboo Shoots. I Love Them and Mushrooms. And Lots of Soy Sauce!

  14. I taste it before

  15. Jay I think you will like this recipe for Chinese Hot And Sour Soup. If you
    make up a batch of this soup this week end I would love to hear about how
    you liked it or if you thinks it needs improvement. Thanks for the comment!

  16. You’ve already taken it to levels unkown (I sound like Emerill ;) I can’t
    wait to try it exactly as you made it Glenn!

  17. Well did you like Chinese Hot And Sour Soup.

  18. I think you are most right on the fact you should never freeze Tofu. In
    fact this Chinese Hot and Sour soup recipe is made best cooked fresh!

  19. What happened with the sour part,what did he used.?

  20. Are you Raymond Tusk??

  21. I finally worked up the guts to try it after being disappointed with the
    inconsistency of restaurants. I LOVE IT!!! Next time I’ll come off the
    pepper a lil but over all I’m very pleased. Thanks Bald Chef! It’s nice to
    know that I can have my favorite soup anytime I want now.?

  22. Just made this and it is awesome. I will adjust the recipe for about half
    of the white pepper and Szechuan chili during warmer weather, but this is a
    killer winter soup as-is. Couldn’t find the wood ear mushroom, so
    substituted with shiitakes. Also had to improvise with tofu sticks rather
    than the extra firm, but I think I like that just as much. As ever, thanks
    for sharing!?

  23. It doesn’t even look like this! I’m a chef, and what he is doing is just a
    joke… Just ask a chinese… ?

  24. This looks superb.. i have to try it..thxz for sharing!?

  25. This looks SO good! You are awesome! Thank you! :-)?

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