1. Happy New Year to you. So sad that you have to mention “and the skies
    turned blue. “. R?

  2. Jealous!?

  3. You should make your videos longer! :) Loving them?

  4. Haha, the child-like joy while eating delicious food is international :D
    Wish Your friends happy Chinese New Year! :) ?

  5. I think everyone has to admit that the living standards of Chinese people
    has risen dramatically. Great feast and great video!?

  6. 0:22 how ChenDu get this? Fresh or Frozen? Its my favorite. 0:29 great
    for beers. 0:36 also great in hot pot. 0:40 coule it be the ??????WOW,
    What a great feast, will be better if with more intereacting people. :)
    Happy New Year everyone!?

  7. That was a meal fit for a king! Hope you have a great New Year, good food
    to eat, more videos, and a long and healthy life. Thank you Trevor!?

  8. Yum! You need to team up with serpentza someday :)?

  9. U r a new man.Lol. Happy Chinese New Year!?

  10. Chinese New Year in Szechuan was mind-blowing! So much epic food!?

  11. Those pumpkin puffs are awesome. Love those things! I just noticed your
    eating with your left hand, but I thought I saw you using chopsticks with
    your right before. Am I mistaken or are you ambidextrous??

  12. There is nothing there I would not try. I’m very jealous.?

  13. :( sry james im really jealous u haha just kidding , as a Chinese i cant
    go back to home 2 have the reunion dinner with my family kinda of sad, but
    when i watched this video, it is so touching. GJ man, Great video,keep it
    going. ?

  14. Great video, Trevor. Love these kind of videos. Like to see the family life
    and how they spend on certain occasion. Great feast. Everything looked so
    good and plentiful. Hahaha, as always wish I was there too. Happy Chinese
    New Year. Wish you get everything you wished for.?

  15. OMG! This meal looks amazing! Happy Chinese New Yr! and a Big Howdy from

  16. Even for western standards that is expensive.?

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