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Chinese penis dishes

Chinese penis dishes.
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  1. Bon apetit!

  2. There is much sex pest in a Chinese. They are sick.

  3. Roflcakes,

  4. Not if you’re a woman.

  5. @SenkakuIslandJapan i doubt every thing every one says, thats why i dont
    have a religion.

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!

  7. Dont be so sure the dont cut that penis when animal is alive…Dirty
    chinese…. dont u see what they do with dogs

  8. Roflcopter

  9. china is on top of the world!

  10. according to the history, feeding huge ass population with rice wasnt
    easy… so they had to eat everything!!!!

  11. lmfao”this is very special, cause 1 snake have 2 penis”lmfaooo

  12. giggity giggity

  13. did i hear dog penis?! or was it just me, cuz i hope it was.

  14. I object as a feminist!! this is typical of men to think that only male
    genitalia is edible. There should be equal representation of dishes made
    from female genitals.!!

  15. my friend tried the sow n he told me its good… never tried but i think he
    is lyin cuz he is a big time liar…

  16. Hahaha i only suck n eat my husband big penis lmao

  17. world knows chinese people is stupid..?

  18. ” after whatching this disgusting show.”
    I declined my wife for the plsure.

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