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Chinese Restaurant Recipe in Bangla for Bangladeshi Please Subscribe to BangladeshiFriend Channel for more recipes. You can add to favorite so it is easy to find out when you…
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  1. Thank you for your comment. Do you live in China?

  2. U r doing a great job! I hav seen many of ur videos. u show d recipes in
    such a way that makes them very easy to cook..

  3. It’s “teriyaki” not “tariaki”

  4. this is lot healthier then Authentic Chinese stir fry! Chinese stir fry is
    flooded with oil!

  5. Phul kopi!!!! Not bhada kopi :p

  6. Thank you brother for your comment. Good to know that you liked my recipe.
    keep in touch. Take care

  7. Dear Mr Bangladeshi Cook…its a great pleasure to have u among us…the
    bachelors…we need such ideas to cook faster and tasty…ur recipe covers
    all sorts of cooking entertainment…small in time and preparation and rich
    in taste and nutrition…today gonna try this one…last time I tried ur
    chicken roast in chines style and that became a big hit among my friends.
    Thanks for ur? crispy and crunchy recipes…see you soon…Love from
    Oman…Mahbubur Rahman

  8. This is what I have been looking for!!!!!…. Thank you so much Bro!….
    May Allah grant you success!.

  9. Assalamalaikum. Thank you for the comment and you good wish. Take care and
    keep in touch.

  10. Yep, i live at Beijing:)

  11. Your videos are really good quality masha allah. Both in recipe and video
    production. Keep up the good work! I’m sure your viewership will increase!

  12. Good luck. Please let me know how it turned.

  13. Vaia it’s not kuchi kuchi chicken but still it’s good keep trying but can u
    tell me that can I get this ingredient in Bangladesh and thanks.

  14. i must try this

  15. aikhane bbq sauce er bodole catchup use kora jabe ki??

  16. i love ur recipes do u know how to cook any thai dish ??

  17. I must try this but megerment pls


  18. Walaikum Assalam Bhaiya,

    Amader deshe-r “Chinese” restaurant-a “cashew nut salad”-ar (usually
    includes chicken and/or shrimp) recipe kore dekhaben please. I’ve searched
    everywhere for the recipe kintu kothao pai ni. Kore dekhaile onek
    appreciate korbo. Thanks.?

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