1. Chinese Steamed Pork Bun Recipe ????

  2. Chinese Steamed Pork Bun Recipe ??? Char Siu Bao
    Chinese Steamed Pork Bun Recipe ??? Char Siu Bao?

  3. Wow you are so genius!!…That was an awesome cooking vid! :)?

  4. Chinese Steamed Pork Bun Recipe ??? Char Siu Bao ?

  5. This is amazing, one of my favourite. Well deserved and you do inspire us
    all ;) Huggsssss, Lisa?

  6. Wow you are so genius!!…That was an awesome cooking vid! :)?

  7. can use chicken instead of pork??

  8. u did a perfect buns, thank u!!?

  9. Omg!!! How come your steamed buns looks more positively fluffy and
    appetizing than chinese restaurant?? Thanks for your recipe. In science,
    the optimum temperature for yeast to grow is between 28 celsius to 37
    celsius and you got the point!!!!!!! =D?

  10. I followed your recipe almost exactly and it came out sooo good and so
    easy. This was my first time making Chinese steamed pork bun and I can’t
    believe how simple it was.. and got an approval from my NY Asian Family.
    Thank you! ?

  11. omg, looks so good!?

  12. =) Love this! I have never tried anything like this but it looks so fun.?

  13. Who taught you to make so many delicious foods????

  14. can I use bread flour instead of plain flour? thx lots ^^?

  15. Love love delish all I’m saying big hit!!! Thanks :) ?

  16. hey josephine, im curious where u from?
    how long hv u been staying in uk?
    i love your video xoxo :)
    and where u staying?
    im staying in wales ?

  17. Learning Traditional Chinese: Josephine’s Recipes — Can be a very. Tasty
    Experience! Smile. Cook. Eat. Love » be delicious!?

  18. Wonderful Thank you?

  19. keep making videos!!! these are all great than you so much for taking the
    time to do this!! =) ?

  20. you didn’t say how much flour u used! I think I heard plain flour…will
    try using HIgh Gluten and see what happens…thx n keep it up! ?

  21. your voice has a cool robotic sound?

  22. Wow so easy thanks?

  23. Hi!! Love ur video, the steam buns look sooo yummy, did u use self raising
    flour? Please show us how to make the BBQ pork thanks!!!?

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