1. Thank you. Have a great day ^^

  2. Thank you for watching. Have a lovely day ^^

  3. Thank you, Maria, for this recipe. My mum made very good taro cake but her
    way was more complicated and it turned out delicious. Fried taro cake is
    the best. I had tried many times to make it her way but never successful.
    I’ll give a try using your way. Hope I’ll get it right as taro is very
    expensive here.

  4. You are welcome. That is so nice of you. Your girlfriend she is lucky.
    Thank you for trying my recipe. Please tell me how it worked out. Thank you

  5. Taro lap cheong cake…drool.

  6. Can I not add chicken powder??

  7. Beautiful! I am sure even more delicious too! Thumbs up!!

  8. Thank you for trying my recipe. Please tell me how it worked ut. Thank you

  9. Can i use tapioca starch ornpotatoe starch instead of wheat?

  10. Followed your instruction and it comes out perfectly. Thanks,?

  11. yum yum?

  12. Loving it, will definitely try it. Tks for sharing once again! BTW, happy

  13. hello can i know the size of your pan base on the amount of taro used..
    thanks :)?

  14. Love all your cooking videos..mouth watering ..yum?

  15. Hi, I don’t have chicken powder. Can I replace it with mushroom powder from
    Knorr too??

  16. made this today . so yummy
    thank yoy?

  17. The taro that is taken out i am guessing provides texture as it stays
    solid. Does that mean the taro that remains in the pot will just be mashed
    and assimilated into the cake? ?

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