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Chinese Take-Away Curry Sauce Recipe

This Chinese curry sauce is incredibly quick and simple and can be used to make meat or vegetable curries, or just to dip your chips in! Recipe at http://tit…
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  1. Curry Chicken with Onions is a staple on most Chinese restaurant menus in
    the United States as well… same recipe. Here, it usually has super-thin
    sliced carrot in it as well. :) I bet this would be good with scallops.

  2. I want meow curry!

  3. Ironic, since curry isn’t Chinese! Love your videos anyways Titli :)

  4. That looks different from the Chinese curries I’ve eaten, but then again,
    there’s a lot of different curries.

  5. Can you Titli, by any chance, present the way u mix em please? BTW – thx
    for reply, I do appreciate it u take your time! I am a huge fun of both
    your channels!

  6. I’ve been making Thai and Indian curries for so long, I forgot about the
    Chinese curry. It appears to be quick and easy … THANKS!!!!!! You’re a
    riot. I love your vidz … yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. And none of my Chinese cook books give a recipe for a curry.

  8. Far, far superior to the hairy biker’s pukebook…

  9. I think the Chinese have a habit of adapting their food to cater to local
    indigenous tastes :-)

  10. long time no see :)

  11. Chinese curry sauce is not to everyone’s taste.

  12. Let me know if you find a good “tweak” :-)

  13. Titli, thanks!! loved how simple and yum it looks. will surely try soon :)

  14. can i blend the onions into the sauce?

  15. Hey, after making that curry sauce the other night, I froze it, and I just
    used it now with Chicken/Onions/Green-Red Peppers, and I added just a
    little cream and it turned out AWESOME! That is all the tweak I needed lol.
    Thanks again.

  16. Did this tonight for tea. Out of the box, the colour was absolutely spot
    on, but it was a lot less spicy that the one that comes from my local
    takeaway. So I BAMmed it up a notch with a hit from my spice weasel (read:
    another teaspoon of Curry Powder), and a couple of tsp of soy sauce. Ruined
    the colour, but the flavour was perfecto! Thanks for a great, easy sauce :)

  17. This recipe is awesome :) Have made it about 4 times now and my hubby
    prefers it to the local chinese now :D I also follow your tips on how to
    make perfect rice and it really works! No more rice pudding! :D


  19. Just made this and it’s awesome. Did a little tweak here and there to make
    it more to the hubby and I’s taste and it will completely replace japanese
    curry in our house. The japanese curry blocks are tasty, but loaded with
    palm oil, which is seriously bad for you. Thanks Titli!!

  20. Hey Titli, do you have a recipe for your own curry powder? Whenever I try
    one it always goes strange somewhere. Can’t seem to roast seeds or I’m
    roasting the wrong ones.

  21. strain the onions. or blend them into the sauce. i also add a touch of
    pepper to taste.?

  22. I thought Muslims don’t eat shrimp and shellfish??

  23. nice i think i will make a prawn curry )?

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