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  3. I’m making this tonight, thanks to you and your sweet mom! Looks delicious!

  4. Thank you and your wonderful mother for sharing this recipe.?

  5. very nice and simple too – thanks for sharing…?

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  7. great video! Now i can make them myself.?

  8. hey thanks for the recipe man! just made around 40 and froze them for
    later. surprised how easy it is. this might be my new go-to snack?

  9. Great video! I am going to make it tonight! Thank you for sharing your
    recipe and looking forward to seeing more recipes!?

  10. You wrap them like I do. I have taught my 3 daughters to make wontons too.
    But I use a beaten egg on the edges to keep sealed. Nice video, thanks.?

  11. Thank u to share your mom recipe, and special thanks to your mom to show me
    how to do it, that’s that’s the real chef right there! Mothers cook is
    always the best. God bless your family. Hello to your awesome mom, she
    looks good ;-) professional cook heee?

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  15. Can’t thank you enough for this video. I’ve been wanting to try making Won
    Ton for so long, but wasn’t quite sure how. Guess what we are having for
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  16. How long would it take to cook from the boiling water? I love your
    ingredients .Thanks?

  17. Video is easy to follow and wontons
    look delicious. Thanks for sharing recipe.?

  18. Thanks for the great starter recipe for Wonton soup! We just finished our
    first batch and we loved it. Great tips in your video. We tweaked ours a
    bit to add some things we enjoy (ginger, garlic, etc) and will continue to
    use the tricks we learned today to make some different variations in the
    future! Thanks again.?

  19. Thanks for the video and thank you to the lady that made it look so easy to

  20. I´ve seen people use egg to close the wrapper. how do you prevent them from
    opening in the soup?
    also, thanks for the recipe, it looks very good. I´ll try making them but
    first I have to try making the wrappers since here they don´t sell them

  21. this is a great video. It just the lady made them so fast that I got lost.
    I might have to pause over and over until I get it right.?

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