1. And neither do I want to make you. :)

  2. Isn’t it the same with “Canadian pizza”? Any food with a country’s name in
    it probably does not exist in that country.

  3. Nvm I don’t want to make u angry ;L

  4. Follows these steps: 1. STFU because I was correcting an ass. 2. Enjoy
    Singapore Food 3. Sure it is, french to italian to russian to american to
    mexican is all “western food” to me too. No difference

  5. That looks delicious..i will have to try this. Do you have a cookbook

  6. laksa,mee rebus is singapore food ?? think twice

  7. great work,. I love singapore noodle, so so so good

  8. did she say crunchy Vag??

  9. you though laksa and mee rebus comes from malaysia? haha think thrice, hate
    to break it to you but it’s originated from mainland china thousands and
    thousands years ago, so you want to talk about originated food now?

  10. This lady is a great cook…!

  11. i live in ny and most local chinese restaurants use the same seasonings on
    their C.wings can anyone please tell what is it they use its so

  12. god, she’s hot

  13. Singapore’s laksa is called Sarawak laska in Malaysia, mee rebus is a
    Malaysian or Indonesian dish. lol i wonder why Singaporeans love to do that
    in the food TV. they love to say everything is from Singapore. Its like ur
    claiming that Singapore invented these dishes. dude most Singaporeans don’t
    even study Malay and Mee Rebus is a Malay word ! oh come on Malaysia gave
    independence to you, if not you wouldn’t have Singapore as a country. Too
    proud much ?

  14. ..then a little bit of toasted sesame oil,…

  15. Good luck trying to find ‘Singapore Noodles’ in Singapore.

  16. mmmm…. Singapore Mei fun is my fav Chinese dish…this looks very similar
    to it. I cant WAIT to try this one!! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. bloody hell she reminds me of gordon ramsay

  18. no….there is a difference between food tasting smokiness and burnt. Also,
    another reason you put the egg in first is because you get to see the egg
    in the dish. If you mix it in with the noodles like she did, the egg is
    covered in everything else and the dish is quite sloppy.

  19. No garlic or onion,,,,,,,,,, WHAT

  20. This looks so good!! Thank you!! Can’t wait to try!! :))?

  21. i saw her video last five years ago, and from there i start to loved
    cooking !?

  22. Sad to see how her new shows are not up to par with what she did on BBC or
    even that one time on Channel5. ?

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