1. 31:47 Interesting that Taiwan now used Hanyu Pinyin as well. Otherwise, the
    sign would have read “Pai Ho” instead of “Baihe”.

  2. I really enjoyed this series. Chinese food is my favourite and it only
    encourages me to visit China even more. Very enlightening and well
    presented. Thank you.

  3. @Bournetolive ??? ?????

  4. Loved this mini-series..

  5. Who is Ching to tell that a country needs to change its eating habit?
    Because she finds Turtle and Alligators cute? As long as these animals are
    farmed and raised in a sustainable way, there is nothing wrong eating them.
    People are stopping eating shark fins because it is an endangered species
    not because they are cute or it’s cruel. When you cook alive razor clams,
    do you think they have soft death on your wok Ching?

  6. lol all bacteria dies after a sertain temperature, u are naive to think
    they would do it otherwise.

  7. I found Ken’s comment about understanding the culture is more important for
    those who try to understand China. Our traditions are based on our culture
    that we treasured and are shared as part of social identity, and a simple
    judgement from other culture’s perspective without taking time to
    understand ours just would not be fair… And right now endangered species
    and shark fin are banned. At least we are on the way to a change :) (words
    from a Cantonese!and the food is really good here)

  8. aw yea Ken is Taishanese

  9. Very touching and heartfelt show! Family is the best!

  10. while i’m not against eating turtle if they’re not endangered and killed
    humanely, it’s nice to see someone be selectively sympathetic about a
    species that isn’t a mammal for a change!

  11. She’s mixing both in one sentence. My guess would be she doesn’t know how
    to say one of the phrases in Taiwanese, and hence switched to Mandarin.

  12. couldn’t agree you more

  13. 30:10 – 30:26 white people have every person of color under the illusion
    that white is the best . . . it’s not illusion its confusion . . . F U


  15. Ken’s cantonese is quite basic?

  16. This amazing documentary shows Chinese voracity and their complete
    disregard for the environment. They are not only killing their own but
    finishing Africa and elsewhere on illegal fishing, hunting and other
    massive exploitation?

  17. she is from tainan, it looks so familiar to me
    the language when they meet sounds so familiar to me ?

  18. home sick..?

  19. Ching, why is eating a turtle any different from eating a chicken or a pig?
    Get over it.?

  20. Very good. I enjoyed the video.?

  21. I Enjoyed the serie. I`m from the Netherlands and traveled twice to China.
    Id has been an amazing adventure for them and they both chanced in this
    very, very much enjoyed it !!!! Thank you !!!!!?

  22. If u don’t want people to eat turtle, don’t eat chicken?

  23. That was nice to see Ken touch base with his family. Ching I’m sad that you
    weren’t happy in your own skin. What’s wrong with being Chinese?Im not
    Chinese but have Chinese blood in me and love that fact. It was nice
    viewing this series.?

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