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CHING HE HUANG & KEN HOM ft. JING THEORY Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure: Episode 2 – Sichuan

ECHING HE HUANG & KEN HOM ft. JING THEORY Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure: Episode 2 – Sichuan specialities…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. why do they set the food on fire on the wok? how they do it?

  2. 28:00 is that a version of the Battlefield theme?

  3. My mouth waters with all those chilis!

  4. why couldn’t she just let them show her how authentic twice cooked pork is
    made? arghhhh

  5. Best documentary ive seen in years! I want to go to china.

  6. Not a fan of mainland chinese food but I enjoy the series. I get a feeling
    they all say her cooking is good just to be polite.

  7. so, it’s not just about food, they are judging the country at the same
    time, standing at an outsider’s western standpoint. Good or bad, but it’s
    not necessary.

  8. but even if temperature is high how does it get ignited? by what?

  9. I thought hot pots were inspired by Mongol soldiers on the march cooking
    food in their helmets – so that would be about 800 years of history, not

  10. In China, Starbucks called XingBaKe, lots of starbucks in Chengdu! too many
    coffee are better than Starbucks in Chengdu!

  11. yeah. i think the chef at the end was trying to be polite and she
    interpreted it as “now that you’ve taught me, i’ll definitely use it in the

  12. i love cooking, but cant lift the pot with my right hand, weak arm :/

  13. xin1 ba2 ke4 in pinyin, i maybe wrong in the tones :)

  14. It’s not intentional, the wok is heated to nearly the burning point of oil
    (why you see smoke right when the oil is added) . This adds the smoky
    flavor of wok-cooked food. You could also help this along by putting in a
    bit of cooking wine if the home stoves don’t get as hot.

  15. I wouldn’t mind exploring Ching He Huang’s southern Chinese box..

  16. Unnecessary comment. Why would expect a Chinese who’s spent the large
    majority of her life in an English speaking country to know the name of an
    American brand in Mandarin? When would she ever use it in England? I know
    it, because I live in China at the moment, but still, she speaks far better
    Chinese than me. And probably you as well.

  17. It’s the first time I ever heard Ken Hom spoke cantonese. I going to start

  18. Chinese and Thai makes the best food in the world. And usually healthy too.

  19. Finally, I should clarify that oil and alcohol does not autoignite easily
    (you can burn alcohol and oil, but it doesn’t spontaneously burst into
    flame when it reaches a certain temperature). What they did there to assist
    is to use the gas burner underneath to assist in generating the flame (the
    striking the match, if you will). Once the oil and alcohol are lit the rest
    burns easily.

  20. These 2 just keep embarrassing themselves across China.. . . .on to episode

  21. What’s the song at 46:35??

  22. Ching, who care about your damn Starbucks? Please don’t put your narrow
    vision on those people who live thousands miles away from you.?

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