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  1. @TheFredlovers123
    Awwww :'(

  2. Anyone notic

  3. Anyone notice Joe had his shirt off?!

  4. sorry olga…at 9:01-9:13…i stopped paying attention and wake up from a daze with drool stains on my shirt v.v

  5. OMG you guys are hilarious!
    I love when Joe went under the counter and came up with his top off xD
    I wish I could live with you, it looks so fun!-3

  6. 9:51 Jess said it so funny

  7. @Theannasav her burrito thingy that joe made

  8. @Olgakay2 if ur my moosh mommy does that mean that Jess is my moosh aunt

  9. moosh mummy you have a cute laugh(:

  10. “…do you think a show like this will survive …oh nawt”

  11. choke on my mushed balse tatoes

    thumbs up if agreed on my comment

  12. @Theannasav a burrito

  13. Bloody drunk mummy i am dissapointed

  14. could someone please post a link to the video of them on drugs?! :D

  15. Mommy u could have died :C

  16. 10:22 #OHNAWT

  17. you should do that!! haha eat on your second channel Moosh Mommy!

  18. @Theannasav a burrito

  19. @Theannasav sum kind of burrito

  20. @Theannasav mochi ????

  21. is she eating mochi near the end for food series

  22. i look like a dork laughing at my computer screen! Haha. I wish I lived with you guys!

  23. @sachipachi1 who cares?

  24. @shelbydee60656 just pointing it out

  25. @Theannasav burrito

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