1. ha ha ha lmfao!!! omg this is hilarious. ” i want ice cube in my ice tea,”
    ha ha ha CLASSIC!!!

  2. @RobertsDigital The Jerky Boys calls were commercial recordings, so you can
    easily track them down by visiting a used CD shop, ordering Jerky Boys CDs
    off eBay, etc. Some people (like myself) use soundboards of Jerky Boys
    characters like Frank Rizzo and make new prank phone calls using them.


  4. This is my favorite ever.

  5. bang bang boogie!!!!!!!!!!!! hAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. @doscentoskay its roc lee b ( means bruce lee rock) and wu tang clam

  7. Wow, I’m surprised that a radio station would play prank phone calls off
    the internet.

  8. You don’t have Bang Bang Boogie?!?! LMAO

  9. this is so classic!!!

  10. holy jeezus…this is a classic. been looking for this for years. “wu tang
    clam and boo ya tribe”…..man. Napster classic…….. brocolli
    beat….hip hop and u don’t stop……

  11. wtf is this… i hate it ching chong says yow

  12. the part about the prank call that fails is the person is black

  13. ah hahahahaha funny =3

  14. Yeah they are funny, it is a hard one to find if you can find them put’em
    up. Like I said I have them on cassette somewhere! I used to record a radio
    show in NYC for 10 years and have hundreds of tapes laying around… they
    played the album one night it was maybe 1998 on wkcr 89.9

  15. you dont have bang bang boogy? LOL

  16. so crazy I remember first hearing this on napster too and back in high
    school 2000-2001. Funny how everyone else came here from that – man feels
    like yesterday!

  17. There are so many he missed: Ice T, Vanilla Ice for example.

  18. classic. i heard this like 10 yrs ago and just remembered it so i found it
    here. good ol’ youtube. the funniest part is @ 2:27 when the clerk tries to
    repeat bang-bang boogie….haha

  19. i tryed to find this for years always cracks me up

  20. I’ve owned all the Jerky Boys CDs for years. This call isn’t on any of them
    (and if it was, I wouldn’t have uploaded the video out of respect for the

  21. Yes, as well as: Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Jam Master Jay, and the Notorious BIG.

  22. i need wutang-clan!!

  23. I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback

  24. no no wait criss cross criss cross that out LMAO!!!!?

  25. wow brings back memories.. I heard this when I was like 7 on a windows 98
    computer XD. Jesus and its still on the internet! Found it alot funnier
    back then though :/ …..?

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