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Cook With Me & Review “Blue Apron” Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup 1/7/13 So Delicious

Thanks for watching!! This is so delicious. My husband and I loved it so much!! Thai Shrimp Soup with Coconut, Lemongrass & Red Curry…

  1. Thanks for sharing!!!?

  2. It looks like fun and delicious!?

  3. I am hungry now!! Thanks for sharing!?

  4. I want to make it now. So, does Blue Apron send you the ingredients for
    You did an awesome job.?

  5. I love these cooking videos ?

  6. great video! you can find ingredients such as palm sugar & lemon grass in
    regular grocery stores and Asian markets. The other day I found lemon grass
    paste next to the fresh herbs at Albertsons and the dried stalks next to
    the cinnamon, bay leaves etc.?

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