1. “The food is ready and “the baby has waken up” Your baby surely smells ur
    delicious pad si iw from the distance hehe…

  2. @UrMomOnMyFace Corn starch or tapioca starch are ok :)

  3. khapun kwahp

  4. Your recipe is really very good. I have a small suggestion for improvement
    of presentation. The speed of presentation should be faster. Please keep
    all ingredients ready in bowls and explain them fast. It shall improve
    speed and help sustain interest

  5. @shantihhh Thank you, Mary-Anne.

  6. Wonderful, clear video – and if you talk faster others will complain that
    it is too fast :-) Mary-Anne PS Sawadee Kha to you and Vern and the sweet
    baby girl

  7. i’ve had a couple variations of this at thai restaurants here and is one of
    my favorites

  8. Thanks for making your cooking videos! I really enjoy watching them and
    learning about Thai cooking. This dish looks really good! :)

  9. @rastogiatul Thank you for your suggestion. :)) I will try to make it fast
    with the next recipes. :)

  10. @TryThaiFood don’t mind speed, at leats you are explaining clear ;)…you
    are doing great. Thanks. :D

  11. @TryThaiFood Thanks for taking my comment in a positive spirit

  12. Another great food video. You make everything look so easy. Thanks for all
    your Thai food videos. Jon.

  13. did u use tapioca starch??

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