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Cooking Thai Food

wanna know how to cook thai food? watch this! lol… you know i’m playin right? haha wait. nevermind, if i have to explain that this is a joke then don’t eve…
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  1. ii got the shits from thiss:

  2. I believed til the Air Freshner xD

  3. ahaha i thought yhu were serious until yhu sprayed air freshner in thaa
    mixx xD

  4. @mujung69 yeah he is

  5. lolz thats crazy…airfreshener? haha u tryin to poison me lolz

  6. lollllllllllllll

  7. Mine didn’t come out like urs did… Lol jk neega

  8. hahahahhahaha!!@#!@#!@#!@#!@ THIS WAS TOO FUNNY! ahahahaha

  9. hey let’s switch food with the real shit when the spiny triangle thing
    happens and put back in for a couple of seconds

  10. lol when he put the food in it was looked….undescrible, but then when he
    took it out it looked like it came from a resturant XD

  11. LMAFOOO Whoever thought this is real :P

  12. like if u watching this in 2012

  13. your the best tim!!!!!!

  14. i srsly thought this was serious til he put the fabreeze in it ha im dumbbb

  15. Lmao everyone uses their teeth to open the soy sauce packet, myself

  16. You’re made in Japan

  17. man ur a joke

  18. wanna make me kapiak???

  19. his parents look thai, i guess he just has a more americanized look

  20. You need to fry it?

  21. Pad thai to peeps I at this before?

  22. Dude are you serious you need some thai cooking lesson ?

  23. I will spit that out?

  24. Omg rubber band seriously?

  25. hm…i knew hot sauce didn’t go on there?

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