1. This video has found a way to be 102% authentic Thai food. Awesome.

  2. -thanks for watching!

  3. The Thai people are so imaginative and creative:their ingenuity is
    amazing.I hated seeing the poverty and the bars Joel..horrible:though the
    satellite dish suggests some-one has money.I loved the meal..fill my plate
    up please..More pak bhoong..just pile it on.This is some meal.Cool
    store..the local supermarket…I suppose it’s an outing of sorts.What a
    beehive of activity here.

  4. o is yummy, great vid, greetings from germany

  5. nice video

  6. Nice work, could you have gone out and buy it for a dollar?

  7. -I think so, there’s also a Swensen’s ice cream parlor next door.

  8. -there’s a bustling street market under those tarps below. The whole market
    is covered and fills the alleys in that neighborhood. The nearby Robinson’s
    Dept. Store is quite nice, also. Thanks for watching!

  9. good vid , u film the mrs cooks..ive been in robinsons once or twice,theres
    a decent eatery downstairs am i right?

  10. Looks Good!!!! Save some for me!!!

  11. Yummy food

  12. -probably about US $2 – 3 Dollars for everything here.

  13. -thanks for watching!

  14. Subscribed so now I can make Thai food the Thai way not the American Thai
    we are stuck with.?

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