1. No apologies are necessary. Take care!

  2. you are right I should not take my frustration out on others, my apology

  3. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, I cook almost every
    day of the week, clean the house and find it a wonderful treat to go out
    and eat. If anything, I’m the slave :)

  4. you can buy fresh coconut in chicago in Devon, chinatown, everywhere.

  5. I don’t believe we should make life complicated and then rage war, femine,
    desperation to feed our urge of having other people do our simple task.
    Marketing is a waste of resources, money is a piece of paper. I take
    offense in thinking someone else should cook clean for me. You want to live
    then learn do it without wasting. Don’t make slaves.

  6. The problem would be actually planning what day to cook, and then making a
    trip to get it, but thanks for the info. I’d really rather go to a
    restaurant and let them deal with finding ingredients and preparing the
    food. Best regards, Travels With Sheila

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