1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tirei o pal no gatoto mas o gatoto não morrel rel rel do na chicaca do berro çeçe do berro do berro que o gato deu minhal

  2. @lucasmoon100 “atire o pau no gato-to-to, mas o gato-to não morreu-rreu-rreu, dona Chica-ca admirou-sse-sse com o berro, come o berro que o gato deu MIAU!!

  3. @Naneoc editando: “admirou-se-se”

  4. dirty saucepan, spills everywhere….what a frigging mess

  5. PLEASE REPLY: Can you use something else to substitute the blow torch (like a lighter or a match)

  6. @coolgirl9583 No

  7. @coolgirl9583
    No, the torch cannot be substituted.

  8. 1:00 better to do, is to actually put a cloth around the bowl… keeps it better on it’s place

  9. 0:50 better to do, is to actually put a cloth around the bowl… keeps it better on it’s place

  10. This recipe tastes great, but i can’t ever get the broiling right. I now use a flambe kit from dessertsnowdotcom & it comes out perfect every time. No torching & great aromas

  11. @coolgirl9583 a broiler can replace it.

  12. the first time i tried to make creme brulee it became jelly n very gross :'(

  13. Instead of the torch can I use one of those flame crack pipe lighters?

  14. i have never eaten Creme Brulee before.

  15. Im gonna try this! Thanks 4 da video!

  16. hi! i used table cream (half and half cream) is that okay? or will it turn out wrong? please answer back thank you :)

  17. @foreverblu96 As long as it has a high fat content you should be OK. It shouldn’t split.

  18. @MrHonordeath

    Even better, use your other hand.

    Unless you’re beating one out…

  19. @gregoriodavila you can also use your oven’s broiler

  20. @picklellama48 Indeed you can use the broiler, you just need to keep a close eye on them.

  21. @p3rs0nan0ngrata I’d love to have 3 hands like you have I assume… cause I don’t understand at all how to use the other hand on the bowl since you are pouring the cream from the saucepan to the eggs with one hand and with the other you hold the whip, now explain to me, please, your technique

  22. @MrHonordeath Watch the beginning of the video again where we show you to place a wet paper towel on the counter to hold the bowl in place while you pour and whisk with your hands. It’s a great technique when there is no one around to provide the third hand.

  23. @rouxbe Hahaha… Gosh you are funny… However, if u now wish to read my first comment where I clearly state, that a cloth holds it better on place, you MAY also understand, that your reply to my first comment was, if not more than that, superfluous.

  24. @MrHonordeath That would mean you have three hands however since one is whisking and the other is pouring the hot cream thus the need for the towel. I merely saw your comment as physically challenging.

  25. @rouxbe no it doesn’t mean you have three hands in any way, because of that you dont have to hold the cloth in place and, as it looks to me, you ARE having a quite bit physical problem with this three hand episode you are marketing here on youtube.

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